His True Name is Abraham Lincoln, The 16th President of the United States.




Servant Type: Ruler

Strength: D Endurance: D

Agility: E Mana: E+ ( Due to his belief in God)

Luck: BRealm: Strongest when summoned anywhere the United States and decent in the world. However he is weakened a lot if he is summoned in a world where slavery is allowed. </p>

Class/Personal Skills:Edit

1: True Name Discernment - Rank B

2: God's Resolution - Rank B 

3: Magic Resistance - Rank E 

4: Charisma - Rank A (Due to his name of being the President and leading his country through the Civil War, he can now grant buffs to his army.5 

5: Revolution of the Slaves - Rank EX (He can deal insane more damage against any person who commands slaves. This applies to Masters but this ability is weakened to Rank B when using against them) 



1: Pistol



Noble Phantasm:Edit

1st: I Declare This is Civil War - No More Slavery and grant Freedom Edit

A very minor Noble Phantasm that represents him abolishing slavery. It takes the form of the Book of Laws.

It is very unique Noble Phantasm, it grants all Servants affected to remove any Command Spells affecting them and it disrupts the connection between the Servant and Master making the Servant unable to gather mana and can choose to disobey.

Another ability it has is that it can negate all mind control or similar effects.

2nd: We Will Fight For You - United We Stand Edit

This Noble Phantasm is the embodiment of those who hated slavery.

This Noble Phantasm allows Abraham to generate a Reality Marble of the Civil War where all slaves that he freed and US Soldiers that fought for the cause to be summoned. These beings are not classified as Servants but has powers equal to Servants. The Soldiers are equipped with Muskets and Cannons while the Slaves have spears and Muskets.

If needed, This Noble Phantasm can even summon in vehicles.

3rd: Edit

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