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His True Name is Adolf Hitler.

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Servant Type: Avenger (Due to all the hatred of the people he has murdered)




Mana: B


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1: Demon King - Rank EX ( He was known as a true monster that claimed so many lives, that it distorted him very badly. It granted Hitler the ability to brainwash anyone he wants that has low magic resistance however, the very skill makes him more aggressive and unreasonable.

2: Self Replenishment Mana - Rank EX

3: Memory Correction - Rank A ( He remembers every attempt of assassination of his life causing him to be more paranoid)

4: Charisma - Rank EX (He commanded his army to slaughter so many people yet no one dares to rebel)


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Noble Phantasm: Edit

1st: The First World War, Death to the Jews!!! Edit

This represents the fact that he cause a world war to occur has manifest itself as his Noble Phantasm.

A very unique Noble Phantasm. It allows him to generate a very powerful Reality Marble of the World War I. However in the Reality Marble, Hitler can generate possibly anything he wants due to the fact many people has created parodies and alterations of what could have happened in the World War.

Passive: Hitler can summon in sci-fi robots, guns from the future and etc.

Strongest: Hitler summons in a huge army of Nazis that will make it rain fire upon his enemies. His soldiers can die but Hitler will have too many.

2nd: The Nazi Army, All Hail Hitler Edit

This Noble Phantasm represents his army.

Passive: The army has world war 1 equipment and vehicles. They

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