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Identity: Edit

His True Name is Ajax The Great, A Greek Hero who is the son of King Telamon and Periboea.

Appearance: Edit

Very Muscular and Larger than most man.

Personality: Edit

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Servant Type:

Strength: A

Endurance: A

Agility: D

Mana: E

Luck: D

Class/Personal Skills: Edit

1: Bravery - Rank B

2: Battle Continuation - Rank


Abilities: Edit

1: Prayer to Zeus ( By praying to Zeus for good weather, the weather can become sunny.)


Equipment: Edit

1: Ajax Spear ( A Powerful Spear that is on par with Noble phantasm in terms of power but is not really one.)


Noble Phantasm: Edit

1st: Rho Aias - Rank Edit

A Bronze Shield covered in 7 Layers of Oxhide.

It grants Ajax the ability to block any thrown weapons.

2nd: Durindana Spada The Fury of Achilles Armour - Rank B+ Edit

A Sword given to Ajax by Hector. It is originally rank A but was lowered as it was a gift and not part of his legend.

However due to his legend when the Noble Phantasm name is called, Ajax gains Mad Enhancement Rank A. He has a chance to start temporally hallucinating that anything he sees becomes his enemies. If the Sword is strengthened, the hatred generated by this Noble Phantasm may create a False Noble Phantasm of Achilles Armour that increases Ajax's defence immensely and can even grant false immortality.

3rd: Ajax Spear The Battle With Hector / The Stone That Falls Edit

The Enormous Spear that Ajax wields.

Upon calling the name, the spear only increases it's power. Has low mana consumption. It also grants Ajax slightly higher agility.

When calling upon it's 2nd name, the spear has the ability to conjure up a giant rock that can be launched at great speeds at his enemies.

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