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Identity: Edit

Their True Name is Caster & Pollux or simply known as Gemini.

In actuality, it is only summoning Castor as Castor died however Pollux shared his immortality with Castor so when summoning Castor, it will pull Pollux as their lives are linked.

Appearance: Edit

Noted to be very beautiful children.

Personality: Edit

Very volatile personality. They appeared to appreciate the arts, philosophy, history and natural sciences and is very intelligent. They dislike boring and/or authoritative people. They love to find anything interesting. Noted to be very drastic and hasty while responsible and disciplined. They have fast and many mood swings and can be very sensitive.

Stats: Edit

Servant Type: Rider

Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: E

Mana: E

Luck: C

Class/Personal Skills: Edit

1: Divinity - Rank C

2: Riding - Rank D

3: Magic Resistance - Rank E

Abilities: Edit

1: Manipulation of the Weather, Lightning and Thunder ( As Pollux is the Son of Zeus, he gains a little power from Zeus)

2: Boxing ( Possess high skills in boxing )

3: Archery

4: Spirit Form ( As they harbour between Olympus and Hades, they can become a spirit at will.

Equipment: Edit

1: A Pair of Shields

2: Bows

3: Spears


Noble Phantasm: Edit

1st: St Elmo's Fire - The Sea of Greek Flame Edit

A Bright Blue Flame. Due to it representing the twins as a symbol of Greek element of Fire, it has gained the side ability of being Greek Fire. The Greek Fire is like liquid fire and can be ignited even by water and burned on the fire. When discharged, thunder and smoke appears as well. The Greek Fire cannot be extinguished as well. A light can be seen appearing on their heads when using this Noble Phantasm.

Normal Way - It grants the twins the ability to generate and manipulate Greek Fire. It has a side ability of protecting any ships that are voyaging.

Most Powerful - The Twins will summon a giant wave of Greek Fire that will slam down onto the enemies.

2nd: Agrius Metamorphosis - The Boar of Punishment ( Rank C+ Anti-Unit ) Edit

It will grant a B Mad Enhancement and grants B Stats overall, it is different from Atalanta case as Geminis only helped in the battle. In Gemini Case, they can transform their bows to become stronger or by equipping it on their horse, the horse will look more demonic and grow bigger.

3rd: Diosuri - The Symbol of Gemini Edit

A Constellation based off the Twins.

A unique noble phantasm that require no true name. Upon the usage of the Noble Phantasm, the twins cannot die till the night has ended.

4th: Hippoi Dioskourioi Edit

4 Immortal Horses named Kyllaros, Xanthos, Phlogeus and Harpagos given by Hermes and Hera.

Said to be swifter than the wind as though barriers has fallen,

This grants the horses the ability extremely fast and negate any barrier abilities.

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