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Identity: Edit

His True Name is Santa Claus.

Appearance: Edit

A Jolly

Personality: Edit

Stats: Edit

Servant Type: Rider / Caster

Strength: D

Endurance: D

Agility: C

Mana: B

Luck: B

Class/Personal Skills: Edit

1: Riding - Rank D

2: Magic Resistance - Rank D / B

3: Territory Construction - Rank

4: Item Creation - Rank EX ( Santa can potentially create anything especially Toys but can produce Noble Phantasm. However anything created Santa is unable to use)


Abilities: Edit

1: Holy Magic( Santa can use any form of magic that is based off Holy aspects due to the influences of Saints on him)


Equipment: Edit

Noble Phantasm: Edit

1st: This IS Christmas Eve - The Night of Giving Edit

His power that is aligned with Christmas Day. The form of this Noble Phantasm is a big red sack.

It allows Santa to be possibly the one of the most powerful Servants on Christmas. He gains the ability to alter reality and time however cannot be used to harm others.

When using the sack, Santa can potentially create any item he wants just by willing it to existence including Noble Phantasm however Santa is unable to use the items he take out.

2nd: The Sleigh of Santa - Red Star in the Sky Edit

A Red Sleigh being pulled by reindeer and one of the reindeer has a glowing red nose.

The Sleigh can teleport and can easily beat go around the world in minutes.

3rd: The North Pole - Santa's Factory Edit

It can used in 2 ways which is built or reality marble. Built one is really easy to reproduce however requires a land of ice and cold while reality marble will consume a lot of prana.

It allows Santa's item creation powers to be faster and better. It also allows Santa to have Work Elves that can aid Santa in support or distraction.

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