His True Name is The Big Bad Wolf although he calls himself Wulf, a villan who tends to appear in many tales such as Aesop's Fables and Grimms Fairy Tales. 

Wulf always remember every single end he has of each book and wants to use his wish to change that fate. 

He is not considered a Heroic Spirit and could only be summoned due to his numerals tales of the books he was in. He can only be summoned as a Phantom but he is best summoned as a Demi-Servant or Pseudo Servant. However if summoned in the right environment and lots of luck, a version of Wulf that has an aspect of Fenrir will be summoned.


He normally looks like a Humanoid Black Wolf when summoned. However, he becomes more evil and darker looking. 


His personality is rather simple actually, he is a cunning person who will attempt to eat human beings. 


Servant Type: Assassin

Strength: E

Endurance: D

Agility: E

Mana: E

Luck: E

Class/Personal Skills:Edit

1: Presence Concealment - Rank D ( He can generally hide his presence but unable to hide his body)

2: Disguise Concealment - Rank C/E ( He can disguise himself in order to hide among others )




Noble Phantasm:Edit

1st: Tales of the WolfEdit

A Noble Phantasm that represents his job in every tale.

1st: The Boy Who Cried Wolf - It grants Wulf the abilty to hide the truth from others eyes ( He can hide evidences )

2nd: The Dog and The Wolf - It grants Wulf the ability to resist all Command Seals and even negate the contract if Wulf chooses to.

3rd: The Priest and The Wolf - It is extremely bad ability to have as it causes Wulf to be incapable of learning new things easily however it allows Wulf nature to be unable to change by magic

4th: The Wolf and the Crane - He can makes his deceivement more successful. Fighting Wise, it grants Wulf the ability to use lesser mana for any other things.

5th: The Wolf and the Lamb - He can make his targets have no choice but to listen to his commands. However a high enough Magic Resistance or Luck can resist it. Majority of the Servants can resist this ability.

6th: The Wolf in Sheep Clothing - It boosts his diguising ability much better. However, when found out he receive a debuff to take more damage for a short while.

7th: Little Red Riding Hood - It boosts his ability to stalk his targets. It also allows his mouth to extend beyond normal size to eat human sized beings. However it causes his disguising ability to weaken against the same target)


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