His True Name is Eric Knudsen or the creator of the Slenderman.

The creator of this character


A Tall Man wearing a Suit and areas not covered by the suit is entirely white.


Very murderous however he will only attack those who takes the Note. But he will stalk and abducting children regardless of the note. He prefers forests and abandoned locations.


Servant Type: Assassin - Fairy Species

Strength: DEndurance: D</p>Agility: A</p>Mana: D</p>Luck: B</p>

Class/Personal Skills:Edit

1: Presence Concealment - Rank A ( Cannot be seen by anyone. However upon taking the Note of the Slenderman, the user can now see and detect the Slenderman.)

2: Slenderman Origin - Rank ?? ( Due to his legend always being shrouded in mystery, many keep thinking of new takes on the legend that keeps changing the Slenderman's power.)


1: Teleport

2: Extra Limbs ( To be exact, they are black or white tentacles that sprouts from his back )

3: Anti Video ( Any video or sound recording devices will be interfered with)

4: Fear Face ( His face appears to be capable of transforming depending on who sees it)



Noble Phantasm:Edit

1st: The Beginning - The Note of Slenderman ( Rank ?? ) Edit

The Basis of the Slenderman. He will start to appear and attack those who have picked up these creepy notes. There are 8 Notes.

When used with least power, it will allow the one who carries the Note to be able to sense and see Slenderman but they are much weaker to the Slenderman the more Notes they take. Slenderman can always sense where is the Note somewhat which becomes more clearer the more Notes are found.

At Full Power, Slenderman can create a forest or any type of abandoned locations he wants. Within this area, Slenderman gains stronger teleportation ability and can ignore all attacks and severely weakened Noble Phantasm.

2nd: The Mark of Slenderman - The Madness of Many Edit

It is not a true Noble Phantasm but rather a Curse that he appears to always cause.

It is a passive power that affects people near him. It causes paranoia, nightmares and delusion and nosebleeds. The longer one stays near Slenderman the more insane they get till the affected become Slenderman's puppets. These affected will attack anyone especially their own family.

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