Description: Edit

Every class/job has a level.

Not all stats are exact to the point, as one with greater willpower may exert stronger strength. Some stats like willpower is just showing a measure instead of directly influencing it.

Average Humans has stats of 10 for everything.

Stats Type: Edit

Affected By Class, Race or Life mostly: Edit

Name Description Benefits Short Form
Strength - Affects carry weight

- Affects arms strength

- Affects leg strength

- May affect muscle mass

- Affects melee damage

- May affect certain projectile damage

Endurance - Affects Stamina- Affects defence End
Vitality - Affects HP Vit
Agility - Affects Speed

- Affects Attack Speed

Wisdom - Affects mana regeneration

- Affects how well one thinks

Intelligence - Affects mana capacity

- Affects memory

Luck - Affects chance

- May grant miracles

Charisma - Affects one looks to others

- Affects how much better another react

Willpower - Affects one will or mind


Soul Power - Affects strength of one's soul SP

Affected by Equipment and others mostly: Edit

Name Description Benefits Short Form
Health - Represents how much damage one can take before death. However not 100% accurate, as a human taking a hit that beheads them can instant kill those with high HP HP
Mana - Represents how much mana one has MP
Stamina - Represents how much stamina one has Sta
Melee Damage - Affects melee damage CDam
Projectile Damage - Affects ranged damage PDam
Mana Damage - Affects all magic damage MDam
Soul Damage - Affects damage against the mind/soul SDam
Defence - Affects one defence against physical Def
Magic Defence - Affects one defence against magic MDef
Soul Defence - Affects one defence against soul/mind SDef

Levels Edit

Every magic or skill has a level as well

Every Class/Job has their own level.

The Magic or Skill gains levels by improving their proficiency in it. Each level makes the skill or magic stronger.

The Class / job gains levels by doing class related things but usually killing monsters work. Each level grants stats and may grant skills.