Description: Edit

There can actually be little to no difference between a monster and a race.

The only difference is that a Race is born of another being while a monster is born out of dungeons and the world and that a Race has a actual heart while a monster has a monster stone as a heart.

A Monster can also choose to become a Race but requires a lot of hard work.

In their nature, monsters have a desire to destroy all other life that are not monsters.

Differences Edit

- A Race

Race Monster
Intelligence Tend to be higher Tend to be lower
'Heart' Fleshy Core part Monster Stone
Birth - Parents

- Created by another with the intent to be a race

- Dungeon

- World

A Monster will be under the command of a dungeon or the world or their very instincts, and monsters tend to be unable to change their stats. However only those similar to Races already or Humanoid monsters tend to become races.

Monster to Race: Edit

A monster can change into a race require a few things. The monster requires to strengthen their soul and intelligence which is easily done usually as those monsters who wants to become a race will already fulfilled those condition as their will says so.

Another thing is they have to start to reject the monster stone out of their bodies and develop a heart.

A being of flesh will create a heart, a being of material will create a core and an undead will strengthen their soul.

Benefits for Monsters to become Race Edit

- They will gain self awarenesses

- Growth in Stats

- Able to choose a class

- Soul is stronger