Description: Edit

An armour set made to imprison a group of prisoners that has committed very grave sins. The Armour itself was made to torture their souls for all eternity while granting the wearer their blessing.

Effect: Edit

When worn together, the user gains

Parts: Edit

Part Name Part Type Description Individual Effect
Dragon's Pride Ring A Ring that was used to imprison a powerful dragon that was treating all life as beings lesser than him. His Pride was too overwhelming that they he was always attacked. - Grants a roar ability that causes fear and deals magic damage- Grants a dragon breath ability that negates magic and armour

- Grants a passive ability that lowers all enemies powers by 30%

- Cannot be affected by any status effect

Lust's Body Chestpiece
Gluttony 's Mouth Helmet - Eating grants 1000% more bonus- Eating the living grants 10% chance of taking all their stats

- Eating the living grants 3% chance of taking all their ability

- Eating the dead grants 1 and 0.1% chance

- Poison immunity

Envy's Hands Arm Piece An armpiece that was made to contain the soul of a demon thief that wanted all - Can steal stats of 10% of the enemy- Can steal abilities

- However all stolen stuff will be returned if defeated


Greed's Wings BackPiece? - Grants flight- Grants invisibility

- Grants the ability to store things in the wings

Sloth's Legs Leg Piece - Lowers movement speed by 50%- Grants powerful teleportation


Wrath's Sword Sword - Grants fire manipulation- Can generate black flames that increases pain by 2000% and negates all abilities

- Traps souls to grant more stats boost

7 Sinner's Tomb Ring Ring A Ring that was made for the emergency of all the souls breaking out. - Can command the sealed souls 3 times- Boost soul power by 400%