A unique class of mages. These Spell Book Wizard are mages that are reliant on a spell book. They were founded when in their world, mana started to become rare making it difficult to cast spells. 


They first discovered the ability to use their magic by trying to see into their heart, to see if they have the library.

A Spell Book Wizard basically remembers a knowledge of a spell to cast it but upon casting it, the spell knowledge disappears from their memories. So the Spell Book they carry is actually just a record of the knowledge.

Each Spell Book Wizard has another world resembling a library inside their head that will get bigger and better looking with each level. The Library will contain the spell knowlege. The time inside the library is actually 1000x slower than the actual time.

Every day after waking up, each Spell Book Wizard will try to refil their knowledge of their spells as morning, they will have a lot of energy and requires higher concentration. So when they start to look at the book, the Spell Book Wizard is actually inside their library copying the spell books' content word by word.

How to acquired:Edit



They can possess many skills and can use many skills at once. 


Many Many Offensive


Little to none


Many Support

Skills Set:Edit



- Tend to have powerful spells

- Low to extremely low Mana cost

- Can use any spell as long as they have the knowledge

- No Need for chanting

Weaknesses: Edit

- Very Reliant on their Spell Book and items

- Time Consuming

- Cannot cause spells by themselves

- No unique spells as they can use any magic that can be written. </p>