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History: Edit

The Green Orcs used to be part of a race just known as the Orcs. The Green Orcs are considered a Root Race as the original race has went extinct and that Green Orcs are considered a separate race with blood of the Orcs within them.

Appearance: Edit

In terms of their physique, they look like very muscular humans that have green skins. But they tend to a bit taller than most humans. Their faces seemed to be a mixture of ape and pig like features with their lower mouth having very prominent fangs.

Nature: Edit

Very Warrior-Like, meaning can be very aggressive. However, they are probably the only type of their race that is more sociable

Culture: Edit

Life Span: Edit

Their lifespan lasts for around 150 years to 200 years. However due to their customs, they tend to live very short lives with it being very difficult to reach their 30-40s.

Customs: Edit

Their culture is similar to those of a warrior. They are very honoured-bound and will fight to very end. It is also a very man is leader type culture.

Hierarchy: Edit


Stats: Edit

Benefits/Problems: Edit


- High capability for Physical stuff

- Natural in War


- Lower Capability for Magic