Description: Edit

History: Edit

Considered a young race by many as they were created recently. These Humans were not too intelligent compared to animals but still enough to be called a Root Race. However as time went by, the humans was able to conquer most of the world due to their high birth rate along with growing intelligence.

Appearance: Edit

A Bi-Pedal Being.

Nature: Edit

They tend to be easily corrupted and loves material items like gold and silver. But they have a wide range of personality due to their high intelligence.

Culture: Edit

Life Span: Edit

They also tend to value their lives alot as their lifespan does not last too long compared to many of the others races as their lifespan can last till 100 but if controlled properly, they can live up to 200 years old. But in the world of Swords & Magic, they usually last up to their 50s or 60s.

Customs: Edit

Many culture have been created.

Religion: Edit

They have a free religion, however in the world of Swords & Magic, their religion is usually based off the light or darkness.

Hierarchy: Edit


Stats: Edit

All Stats are at 10 for an average human.

Benefits/Problems: Edit

Benefits: Edit

- Good Intelligence

- High Birthrate

Problems: Edit

- Tend to attract hate as the race may do despicable things

- Low Lifespan compared to other races