Description: Edit

Abilities Classification: Edit

Name Description Example Benefits Problems
Skill Skills are abilities that doesn't use mana at all.
Prayers Prayers are abilities that uses faith as a cost.
Magic Skills are well magic. - Mana cost

Magic Systems: Edit

Name Description
Systemic Magic Systemic Magic is magic that follows the way of physics. It is basically controlling reality to do a function
Miracle Magic Miracle Magic is magic that alters physics. It is basically manipulating reality to suit one's needs

Systemic Magic: Edit

Miracle Magic: Edit

Name Description
Elements Well the elements
Contract Magic used through another being. Summoning Magic is included
Body Magic that affects one's body
Sensory Magic that boosts surveillance type magic
Movement Magic that boosts transportation or movement type magic
Mind/Soul Magic that affects one soul
Illusion Magic that generates illusion.

Skill System: Edit

Name Description
Racial Skill It is skills that comes with a race
Class Skill It is skills that comes with a class
Learnt Skill It is skills that is learnt
Hybrid Skill It is a mixture of skills type. Usually it is Class and Learnt as most class skills can be learnt