Each World has their own currency but has a general flow of how their currency works.


Name Description Worth of the Previous Currency
Clay Coin Bricks made in the form of coins. A very old coin Nil
Copper Coin A typically low currency 1,000,000
Iron Coin A standard coinage among the commoners 100
Silver Coin A rarer coinage among the commoners 1,000
Gold Coin A coinage that is usually used by the merchants and low nobles 1,000
Platinum Coin A coin that is used only among the nobles 1,000
Diamond Coin A coin that is rarely used. It is used only for huge transaction 1,000,000
Royal Glass Coin A coin made for the royalty. It is a unique glass that is enchanted by magic to be unbreakable along with the unique signature of the royal family
Mithril Coin
Ancient Coin
Adamantine Coin