There are 3 things with level.

Name Description How to level up
Class Levels Every class has it's own individual level. It tells you how strong are you as the class. Each level grants stats growth and skills. By training class skills
Ability Level Every skill and magic has a level. It tells you how much you have master the skill and with each level, it grows stronger. By training the skills
Self Level One's own level. I

Stats: Edit

Name Description Benefits Short Form
Strength One bodily strength - Increase melee power

- Increase how much one can carry or wield

Agility One unaffected speed - How fast one can run Agi
Flexibility - Affects how fast one can turn Flex
Vitality One own life force - Affects how much lifeforce one has Vit
Endurance One own stamina - Affects one's stamina End
Intelligence - Affects how much one can remember

- Affects one's mana limit

Wisdom - Affects how one thinks to be smarter

- Affects one's mana regeneration rate